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DNO's Letters

  Notification No. Date Subject
  Memo no. 1092(22)/1(5)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 29/06/2012 29-06-2012

MoRD Approved Labour Budget for the Financial Year 2012-13.

  Memo no. 1056(31)/1(7)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 14/06/2012 14-06-2012

Audit of MGNREGS Account by Audit Farm for the Financial Year 2011-12.

  Memo no. 1025(22)/1(5)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 07/06/2012 07-06-2012

Nomination of best performing GP in implementation of MGNREGA for award.

  Memo no. 1013(22)/1(5)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 06/06/2012 06-06-2012

Video Conference: Regarding MGNREGS MIS work progress.

  Memo no. 1011(22)/1(4)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 06/06/2012 06-06-2012

Review Meeting on 100% MIS Operationalisation under MGNREGS

  Memo no. 1004(22)/1(9)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 05/06/2012 05-06-2012

MIS training on MGNREGS for the Block Social Audit Coordinator

  Memo no. 987/1(2)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 01/06/2012 01-06-2012

Releasing of fund is held up due insufficient MIS entry of different GP of Patrasayer, Indas, Bankura-II Dev. Block

  Memo no. 665/(22)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 05/04/2012 05-04-2012

Reminder for replay Audit Quires and Requisition on Performance Audit of MGNREGA

  Memo no. 465(5)/1(4)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 05/03/2012 05-03-2012

Entry Conference on Performance Audit of MGNREGA

  Memo no. 460/(7)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 05/03/2012 05-03-2012


  Memo no. 378/(22)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 22/02/2012 22-02-2012

Requisition of fund for Photo taking & Renewal of Jobcards

  Memo no. 364/1(1)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 21/02/2012 21-02-2012

Execution of Forestry works under MGNREGA

  Memo no. 351/(42)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 20/02/2012 20-02-2012

Urgent Submission of MPR for the Month of Feb-2012 by date 28th Feb-2012

  Memo no. 349/(22)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 17/02/2012 17-02-2012

Raise 'Persondays' by using Individual Beneficiary Scheme with in a short period of time.

  Memo no. 338/1(25)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 17/02/2012 17-02-2012 Tree guards under MGNREGA
  Memo no. 337/1(8)/MGNREGS-WB Dated 17/02/2012 17-02-2012

Training of SHG Group Members on Nursery Programme

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