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I joined as OMBUDSMAN for Bankura district on 14/06/2011 and again attended office there from 29th june,2011 to 1st july,2011 and held discussion as to how the office of the Ombudsman will run. Met the District Magistrate & District Programme Coordinator and discuss about the working of the Ombudsman. While going through the details of pending Complaints and also disposed of cases at District Cell I found that procedures adopted by the I.O.s at District and Block level do not conform to the principals of natural Justice and then it was decided that a Programme be taken up to visit the Blocks to point out the deficiencies in pre and post Inquiry procedures and brief the P.O. and his officers and staff to eliminate those deficiencies while Inquiring a Complaint and also recommending actions.

The main drawback noticed was that the Complainants were not informed by the I.O's about the date, place and the time where he intended to hear concerned persons in course of his Inquiry.

Most of the Inquiries were heard and Discussed with the person/Officials complained against and were settled or actions were recommended on that basis but version of the complainant was never heard during the Inquiry. The complainant did not get a chance to present his statement or adduce any evidence at the time of material INQUIRY.

The most glaring omission noticed was that the Complainant was not informed of the action that was taken by the authority. In most cases, after completion of the inquiry the complainant was not informed and he could not know the fate of his complaint. This omission is mostly at block level. At District level such cases are comparatively less but in all cases the complainant deserves to get an information of the action taken by the concerned authority.

Another factor of concern was the ratio of pendency arising out of delayed receipt of ATR from the Block level. After finalization of the Inquiry the P.O. has been asked to take action and report but in most cases the ATR is still awaited.

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